Day 15
The first thing you do when arriving in a new port from a foreign country is to register with the Marina. That was the easy part. The next thing to do is to register with the immigration. That was going to be more challenging.
Now remember that today is Easter Sunday. The lady in the marina office thought the immigration office should be open after 9am. We tried ringing but there was no answer. She marked on the map where it was and we set off at 10am all wearing shirts, long trousers and shoes (not sandals). The cruising guide was very insistent on this point.
We got to the building we had been directed to after an half an hour walk and were directed to another Police building further up the road. That was a second half hour. When we got there we were refused entry and told it was all shut today and we should go to the airport to register our arrival.
We flagged down a taxi that surprisingly fitted all seven of us in at a very tight squash and half an hour later arrived at the airport. We found a lovely lady who spoke English to help us and she rang the Immigration. A man appeared from behind a closed door, took our passports and closed the door. Sometime later he reappeared giving us back our passports and telling us to ring Antonio and gave us a phone number. The lovely lady rang Antonio and arranged a meeting at 2pm back at the docks.
Another taxi ride later we arrived at the building. A guy was just leaving the building and Sam asked him if we were in the right place. Sam had taught himself Portuguese in the two weeks since we left Uruguay. What a hero. We rang Antonio again and he explained to this man where we should go. Another 10 minute walk and hey we were there. Amazing.
After spending forty minutes in the office all that remained was to walk back to the marina. Another 25 minutes.
By this time it was 4pm. We are now officially in Brazil and we have seen lots of this town. I think we deserve a beer.