Day 16
We are spending a few days in port and doing jobs around the boat. There is a bit of wear on some batten pockets that require some sewing. The engine oil needs changing, fuel tanks filling, batteries checking, steering gear greasing, blocks washing with fresh water, clothes washing, sun shades erecting, computers backing up, and on and on. There are lots of systems on board, lots of them are mechanical and like all mechanical devices they need maintenance.
Everything gets a bit untidy when floor boards are lifted and cupboards opened. My hat disappeared. My favourite hat with a big brim and a padded crown. The padding in the crown is very useful because I keep banging my head on doorways and it works like a crash helmet. I spotted it floating in the marina and Valerie swam out to retrieve it. When she reached it, 50 metres away, she discovered it was not my hat but a plastic bag with a plastic container in it! Niall thoughtfully fixed a warning sign for me over the main companionway. The hat was found later in the day. I must be getting absentminded.
The marina here is full of sleek, shiny, white powerboats. There are teams of locals keeping them clean and sparkling and hosing them with water. I saw someone today cleaning algae off the mooring ropes just to keep everything looking pristine.