Day 17
The view from the deck of the boat across the marina encompasses the different faces of Salvador. There are the luxury boats in the foreground, there are the slums (favelas) on the steep banks in the middle ground and the skyscrapers in the distance.
We took a tour round the old city heeding warnings about being careful. There were lots of police about the place. I wondered whether this made the place safer or is it a reflection of widespread crime?
There are some fine old buildings, many of which are decaying. Salvador used to be the capital of Brazil between 1530 and 1763 after which Rio de Janeiro took the role. The capital moved again in 1960 to the new city of Brasilia.
We indulged in a bit of retail therapy. The universal attire of Brazilians are shorts and flip flops. We discovered one shop that had a huge choice of flip flops. The photograph shows only part of the display!
There are some huge murals on some buildings, obviously official, the one in the picture on the side of this building looks very unofficial. But how could it have been completed without anyone noticing? Or is it that nobody bothers?
Brazil is a place of music and energy. We have only seen a very tiny corner. It is a huge country. We have sailed for two weeks and travelled 1,800 miles along the coast and we have only covered half the length of it. There are a lot of exciting places to see.