Day 20 April 07
All at sea. Missed the boat. There are lots of phrases in everyday use of English that hark back to the countrys seafaring past.
Yes, we are all at sea now – we are a smoothly oiled operation and are not organised in a way that the phrase might suggest. Just look at the rota. Nothing stops when you are sailing a boat.
Missed the boat. Thankfully no one missed our departure though Tais only managed to get her renewed passport on the morning of departure. Thank goodness it all worked out well. She has been a tremendous help to us in the past week.
Before we left we checked all the 21 seacocks on the boat. A seacock is where a waste pipe goes through the hull and a stopcock is fixed at this point so that in any emergency you can basically close the hole. You have to check these regularly. In an emergency you might want to close these and you wouldnt be pleased if you found they had corroded so much that the handle could not be turned!
We all posed for a group photograph before we cast away and started our long voyage across the South Atlantic.
As we sailed from the Marina we passed a favela built under the roadway. They do have an excellent sea view.
We are going to travel a very long way east, almost to Africa before then turning North towards the Azores. We are taking this course because of the winds. If you are looking at the map it may seem odd but the best winds lay along this route. We want to pick up the strongest trade winds and avoid most of the doldrums. I expect that we will be at sea for about a month.