Day 21
Our first full day at sea again. Just another gorgeous sunny morning. I didnt get the dawn watch today but I was up on the observation deck at 7am. During daylight hours there are two people up there scanning each side of the boat for any whales or dolphins. The first sighting after leaving port was a large turtle on the starboard side. We heard some whales on the hydrophones but havent had a sighting yet.
The seats in the cabin are very hard. We tend to spend a lot of time sitting here. I found one cushion that helps. There are several large winches that are often in the suns shade so ideal places to sit. I hit on the idea of making a mat of rope to help make them a bit more comfortable. It helped but it wasnt great.
With a lot of sitting in the cabin there is a lot of conversation. We have set up an initial experiment to find out if we can evaporate water and make some salt. We put 500ml of water into a metal pan. I will report tomorrow on how things worked out. It is good to be out in the ocean. At the moment the sea bed is 4,000 below us.