Day 22
We have been sailing on the starboard tack for a couple of days now. We are sailing close hauled, (into the wind) and the boat is leaning over at a significant angle. I took the photo with the tilted horizon to try and demonstrate just how much the boat tilts. This angle certainly makes for interesting adventures as you walk from one place to the next. Good job there are plenty of things to grab.
Sleeping on a slope can be a challenge. How do you stop yourself falling out of your bunk especially if it is the top one. The answer is to use something called lee cloths. These are pieces of canvas that act as a wall to stop you rolling out. If the boat is leaning the other way then you end up wedged against the wall. Placing a blanket next to the wall helps a lot.
The experiment to make salt that we started yesterday failed on two counts. We left the tin tray out overnight and it rained. In addition, the cook last night was looking for the tray and couldnt find it. We forgot to tell her we had borrowed it!
Squalls and grey rain clouds blew over us in the afternoon and those on deck were drenched.
I have been amazed at how the readers of this blog stretch all around the globe, from Karen in Yalding, England to Christine in South Island, New Zealand. There are also readers in Montenegro, Australia, Thailand, USA and France. Thanks for reading these rambling writings. I appreciate it.