Friday the Thirteenth unlucky for some perhaps but turned out to be rather a good day on board, bringing the first whale sighting since we left Brazil, and definitely something worth getting out of bed at 0615 for.
The sighting was a group of 10 sperm whales, including two youngsters, resting on the surface. Although perhaps not the most photogenic of whale species, sperm whales are fascinating beasts. They carry out long foraging dives lasting over an hour to find the squid on which they feed.
Sperm whales have been found to have different dialects of vocalisations, which are indicative of the area or population they are from. In fact, they are almost perfect for studying using acoustics as their vocalisations are easily distinguished from other species, almost continuous whilst the whales are diving, and loud enough that they can be heard up to 10km away.
They are usually only found in deep water and weve been hearing them on and off since we left Salvador, so its nice to finally get a glimpse.