My name is Jack, and this is just a quick paragraph to introduce myself and let you know how I came to be on this voyage. For me, it started with a facebook post from Niall (our skipper on this trip) who was my yacht master instructor from ten years ago they were advertising for spare hands to bring Song Of The Whale back from the Falklands to Portugal. I jumped on the opportunity to embark on a new adventure; to sail on a different boat, in new seas, and new countries. This is a great chance to help build my experience and cross an ocean for the first time
I joined the boat in Uruguay on the 14th of March – 40 days ago now! From there I got experience what offshore Brazil has to offer this time of year admittedly not a whole lot- but definitely not a waste of time for me. For example, I got to take a winch apart and service it for the first time, now Im working my way through the rest of them and showing some of the crew the process. Other things include getting hoisted to the top of the mast in Salvador to check the rig, working on a water maker, getting to know a new head system and cooking vegetarian meals. Its a never-ending learning curve on a sailing boat!
Now from Salvador to the Cape Verdes. Every time something is happening with the wildlife, Ive managed to really involve myself in the science part of the operation which has kind of always intrigued me too. From listening to the animals on the hydrophone, filming animals underwater on the pole-cam, identifying them and checking different types of whales and dolphins off my personal list.
Hopefully by the end I would have figured out Celestial navigation and maybe some Astro navigation. Looking forward to the new passages and whatever is yet to come. Thanks for reading my first blog,
Jack Fabricius..