Day 48
The winds are slowly dying as we get closer to the Azores and the high pressure area that is there. Despite the calmer seas we have not seen any dolphins or whales either yesterday or today apart from a few moments after dinner last night when we noticed some dolphins around the bow. It was pitch black, the moon had not yet risen, we could not see very much of them.
Without ropes, sails do not work. There are eleven different ones that are in the cockpit along with five winches. The two foresails can be reefed or completely furled without going up on deck. All three sails can be hauled in or let out without going up on deck.
Going up on deck there are a further seventeen ropes around the mast with a further four winches. As you can see from the photo it does get a bit confusing! Fortunately, nowadays ropes come in different colours and different patterns. It helps enormously to distinguish one from another. In the old days on sailing ships the ropes were all the same colour and there were a lot more of them. It must have been quite a nightmare.
The sun had a halo around it today. I am not sure if this is a sign of anything or not. Whatever portent it promises we will probably be having pasta for dinner again. I like pasta. No matter what is cooked for dinner it all gets eaten, either at the time or by those on watch overnight or at lunch the following day. It is a joy to cook for such voracious appetites.