Day 49
The wind remained light and we continued motoring towards our landfall in the Azores. This morning we spotted a killer whale, or orca. It was just a single whale swimming slowly but in no particular direction. It kept diving and then appearing where we least expected it. After half an hour we continued on our course.
Despite the sea becoming calmer and thus making it so much easier to spot any animals on the surface we didnt see anything for the rest of the day. Calm seas also make it easier to spot rubbish and we saw a couple of dozen bits of plastic over the day, mainly white. Vasilli saw a shoe floating in the water. We stopped to pick up a mooring buoy that floated past. When we had got it on deck we found the underside covered in goose barnacles. I dont know how long they had been growing on the buoy but it must be for over a year.
Late in the afternoon the wind dropped to only two knots and the sea became very glassy and smooth. It looked very odd. We are so used to waves and wind. The sunset coloured the sea with orange.
The cook this evening has used up every last fresh vegetable. There are no onions left, no eggs, and we are down to dried milk, tinned stuff but there is enough pasta to last till autumn! I am hoping we reach port in time for tomorrows dinner.