Day 53
We are now back at sea this morning, heading for our final destination of Portugal. It will take us six or seven days sailing.
We have just spent two days in the Marina at Horta on the island of Faial. It is a lovely island with sub tropical green vegetation, friendly people, a calm pace of life, lovely restaurants, great fish menus and volcanoes.
The whole archipelago is made of seven volcanic islands. In the centre of Faial is the old volcanic crater. It may not seem that big but it took us two and a half hours to walk round its perimeter.
We spent the two days walking the paths and tracks of the island. It is a lovely sleepy place. We were too early for the hydrangeas that grow wild. This is called the blue island there are so many of these plants.
The nearby island of Pico has a huge volcano 2,500 metres tall. We visited the westerly corner of this island and the lighthouse that used to be set on the cliff edge. In 1958 a new volcano appeared just off the coast and over a period of twelve months created new land and covered the surrounding area in volcanic ash. The lighthouse is now a bit more inland!
The marina walls and pavements are covered in paintings. The paintings commemorate the boats that pass through this port on their way across the Atlantic. These islands really are in the middle of the ocean. There are a lot of ocean going yachts and their crew celebrating their landfall in the waterfront cafes. We did some celebrating ourselves. It seemed only appropriate to join in! Thanks for all your messages on my blog. I have read them all.