Day 54
We woke this morning to a grey day. Both the clouds and the sky seemed to be in black and white with little colour. This seemed to fit the mood of the boat today. We were all a bit subdued, still catching up on sleep from our shore leave it seems. We are also one less now as Anni left us at the Azores. With one less person on the watch rota it means we all get one hour less rest time. I was quite worn out with two long walking days and two late nights. Sailing a boat is definitely not the right training for walking up and down hills.
We are heading East now, directly to Portugal. For a while today we had the wind on our beam which is every sailors dream. We sighted whales three times but were unable to get very close to them. I am amazed how skilled the team are in identifying whales and dolphins from what seems to me to be only a fleeting glance. We also had a couple of times some dolphins that swam along with the boat under her bow for a few moments before resuming their own course. The water is so clear that you can clearly see them under water. I have been surprised at just how fast they swim.