Day 56
The water temperature now has dropped to 15°C. It was 28°C at the equator. Standing out in the wind is cold. I wear my gloves if I am out early in the morning. But isnt the temperature in Southern Spain / Portugal at this time of the year hot? Shorts and sandals weather? We are on the same latitude. It just doesnt seem to add up. I shall find out when we arrive in a few days.
We made another Manta trawl today. I calculated that the trawl sieves about the volume of a 25m swimming pool in the time it is behind the boat. We have been collecting some blue jellyfish with the striking name of By The Wind Sailors. I had not realised that these ones, like the Portuguese Man of War are not just one organism but a group of different organisms living together. It is a symbiotic relationship. Fortunately these jellyfish, unlike the Portuguese Man of War, are not poisonous with nasty stings. There was also a strange insect and a jellyfish the size of a tennis ball. We return all these back to the sea.
We have seen a few dolphins in the past couple of days. Sometimes they visit us for only a few moments and then continue on their way. A couple of times we have been surrounded by forty or more swimming with the boat for ten minutes. If you have a good camera you can take some striking photos. The dolphin pictures were taken by others on the boat. They are of common dolphins and striped dolphins. It is so magical to watch them leaping through the water a few metres away.