I have been trying to get my legs working again.  My long sea journey really weakened my walking legs so I packed my sac and every day (almost) for the past week I have been walking up my local hill.  Trouble is it is only small so I go up it twice.  I think the training is working for my legs seem to be getting stronger and my back is getting used to carrying 9kg again.

The view from the top of the hill is spectacular on a good day.

The walk through the forest is gorgeous.  There are lots of mountain bike runs so it is easy to keep away from the standard way up and I hardly see anyone at all even though we are only five miles from the centre of Telford – population 160,000.

I am in training because we are going walking next week – walking part of The Cape Wrath Trail in North West Scotland. Here is a map of the whole route.

We are starting at the bottom by the green arrow (Fort William) and walking to the red arrow (Ullapool). It is through remote and wild countryside and the walking will be slow. The terrain is quite rough, there are streams to ford and in places there is no track at all underfoot so you have to choose your own route across the hillside.  I think it will take us five days to reach the first shop! We will be wild camping – something that is allowed in Scotland. I am hoping for some good weather but I realise that this is Scotland.  Anything can happen. Unfortunately the calendar is too full and there just isn’t the time to walk the whole route this summer.

I do not think that I shall be getting much mobile signal in this part of the world so posts will be sporadic.  However my tracking system will be working as that does not rely on the internet. At the very top of the blog page is a link to the map – click on “Cape Wrath Trail Map”.  Here is the link to save you looking – MAP

Carrying food will add quite a bit of weight but there is one consolation  – this is the West coast of Scotland and there will be n0 need to carry any weight of water.  The West coast of Scotland also means – wet feet. And midges………