Five days into our walk along the Cape Wrath Trail. Five days without internet. Five days of heavy rucksacs, rough paths, bogs and gorgeous scenery. It has not all been like this:

Although there are a lot of rivers and streams to cross they are fairly low at the moment and there are usually enough stones to hop across dry-footed:

But sometimes you have to wade:

The walking has been really hard work and our progress has been slower than Valerie and I had planned. These Scottish miles seem longer than English ones. The views have been stunning.

We have stayed in a Bothy. These are small buildings open to anyone who wants to stay. There are usually no services. No running water. The toilet system is to take the spade positioned inside the door, walk away from the building and dig yourself a hole.

We slept in this one on a very wet night:

We camped outside this one:

Inside there are maybe a few chairs and a table

And there is usually a raised platform to sleep on ( note the spade there!)

We have seen a few deer. These ones are on the shore. I wondered if they had developed a taste for seaweed.

The country here is big and empty. We walk all day and maybe see two people.

Down there along the right hand shore by two trees is the Bothy:

What’s not to like about this kind of walking? I like the New Zealand word ‘tramping’. It seems most appropriate for this kind of travel.