It seems a long time since I had a ‘proper’ walk in the hills. That is probably because it has been a long time! November isn’t the warmest month for this sort of thing.

I went for a walk round the Howgills which is the range of hills to the east of the M6 near Kendal. They are quiet, empty hills and I hardly saw a soul.

I was wrapped up warm with lots of layers, gloves, warm hat, two pairs of trousers. Of course who should appear along the path but a fell runner in shorts! He must have been freezing.

These hills are definitely rounded

I was aiming for the distant one on the skyline. Gosh it looks a long way away.

The paths around here are only faint. It’s just like the old days when I first started exploring the hills. None of those engineered paths around here.

The sun even warmed me for a short while.

If you look carefully you can see the motorway down in the valley

Goodness my legs are tired tonight after 4,500 feet of ascent. I definitely don’t get out enough. Sitting watching films for the last three days at the Kendal Mountain Festival hasn’t helped at all!

It was worth it to be back home in the mountains.