A few fairly random pictures from Bangkok today. This was day 3 here in the city. It is becoming more familiar – well in a little way. At least the boats and the sky train have been mastered.

Traditional Thai doorways and window are often wider at the bottom than the top. This isn’t a distortion of the camera lens. This was an entrance to a Temple. (Not sure if that is really the correct word)

Around the edge of the courtyard is a covered walkway

And under that covered walkway are different Buddha images

the inside –

The walls are all painted

Another place we visited had a standing Buddha

I must find out the significance of the hand posture on this one –

The religious buildings have wonderful decorations

We passed this Chinese school

Oh why can’t British ones be so colourful?

I thought the streets in Chinatown were narrow

We walked a little further and I understood what the guidebook meant about narrow streets. Motorbike drove along here!

The way home was via the new overhead railway which is a model of efficiency. You don’t see signs like this on the underground –

Tomorrow it’s off to Koh Samui.