March 7

Perranporth to Padstow 40km

Gosh it was windy today. At times it was a fight to stop the cross wind from making you wobble all over the place. Valerie remarked at one point that it was a new experience to have to pedal downhill – the wind was against us at that point. The few sections downwind were glorious.

For a big part of the day however we seemed to spend our time pushing up our heavy bikes up long steep hills. A road would descend down steep hills to a lovely little beach

Then of course the road climbed up and up the other side. Something like this

Hmmm. That picture doesn’t portray the steepness at all! It felt like we spent half the afternoon walking.

Our route lay mainly along the coast

More inland the countryside looks flat and swept clean by the wind.

There are plenty of flowers showing

And some intriguing road signs

We didn’t visit there.

We are camping tonight

We nipped into Padstow for dinner. There is some fine dining indeed in Padstow.