March 8

Padstow to Launceston 54km

Padstow is a thriving town with a busy harbour

From Padstow we caught the passenger ferry across the river to Rock

Rock seems quite the fashionable place with plenty of very smart buildings. We started to make our way inland and away from the coast but there were a few of those steep Cornish hills left for us. The ferryman on learning we were heading for Launceston commented “It’s all uphill to Launceston”.

14% does not sound a lot. One can appreciate how steep is 14% if you push a loaded bicycle all the way up. I am learning a lot about slopes.

As we left the coast we climbed onto the windswept plateau. Good news was that the terrain was much more level. Bad news was that we had to climb up to 250m (800 ft) which exposed us to the gusting wind and the height attracted the rain. It was another soaking wet afternoon.

I spotted this hedgerow tree

It so looked like a Bonsai tree with its branches kept clipped by the wind.

We passed a farm shop with a restaurant so I scoffed a few calories

Cornish Pasties do look as if they are smiling.

We are almost out of Cornwall now. The scenery has changed from the windswept countryside of the Atlantic coast to rolling hill and trees. There are not many trees around the Cornish coast at all.

In Cornwall it seems the majority of place names start with three letters ‘Tre’.

It is going to be drier tomorrow.