March 9

Launceston to Crediton 66 km

Launceston is on a very steep hill and our route out of the town was steep enough for us to walk down it! We don’t usually do that sort of thing.

It was a sunny morning and I stopped to put on my sunglasses. The first time on this trip. I was outside a little cottage and I couldn’t believe I saw bluebells.

It wasn’t long before we were out of Cornwall

Along the sweeping old A30 we cycled towards Okehampton. We were stopped in a lay-by when a German cyclist stopped for a chat. He was making his way over to Ireland and then up to Scotland having travelled from Spain through France and goodness knows where else. He mentioned Iceland. He was on a year long trip. He disappeared into the distance very quickly!

We found an excellent cycle way into Okehampton

Okehampton has an excellent cafe which filled us completely and it also has a very, very long hill out of the town.

But once away from the new A30 the afternoon ride to Crediton was along wonderful deserted country lanes. It was the type of cycling I had been dreaming of. We came across someone leading a horse on long reins and a couple of ‘chocolate box’ hamlets.

The hedgerows were full of primulas

The afternoon ended with rain. At one of the hotels we stayed at I had taken one of the shower caps. I have discovered that they work really well keeping my hat dry under my helmet.