March 10

Crediton to South Petherton 82km

In the warmth of our hotel room the sash window rattled all night in the gusting wind. There was a Met Office weather warning today for strong winds gusting up to 50mph.

We gained the benefit of those strong winds. We were freewheeling in places along the flat, pushed along by the wind. Cyclists travelling in the opposite direction were very obviously struggling.

For the most part of the day we had empty country roads all to ourselves.

The journey was delightful, encountering families on their Sunday walk and Horse riders out for their walk.

We continued the traditional feel to the day by stopping in a pub and having a Sunday Roast.

Fortified we continued our pedalling and found evidence of the wind’s power.

Do you chance going underneath this, go through the field instead, or turn round?

We are camping tonight. We reached the site just as dusk was falling. A long days ride (for us). A lovely days ride.