March 11

South Petherton to near Cheddar 51km

Apologies if you received a very, very short blog post a short while ago. It was a test. You haven’t missed anything.

Last night in the tent was very cold.

We had pitched the tent in the lee of the (unoccupied) caravan. It worked well. Even better we faced the morning sun which warmed the tent.

Late yesterday we crossed the border from Devon into Somerset without realising. We passed this house commenting how it was so typical of Devon.

We had not realised we were in Somerset.

This majestic church was in the quaintly named village of Kingsbury Episcopi

This classic view of the English countryside includes an Abbey

In the town of Langport we spotted some Yarn Bombing.

If you have never come across this term I recommend you look it up on Wikipedia.

The highlight of the day was not the colour scheme on this house

The highlight of the day was crossing the Somerset Levels. It is an area I have never visited and as ever, travelling by bicycle allows you to get a great flavour of the place.

There was a great feeling of sky and space and of course all the roads are dead level. Hurrah. It did feel a special, magical place. We saw signs to Avalon Marshes.

Tonight is another tent night.

Nowhere near as cold as last night but I have a feeling it will be a wet morning.