March 13

In Bristol

Rest, recuperation, replanning, readjustments were the activities of the day.

Definitely we needed some rest. Peter and Jane looked after us fantastically well. Thank you so much.

Readjustments were made to the bikes. New brake blocks, a replacement phone holder after the bike fell over and the old one broke, a new speedometer for Valerie. She claimed the other day to have triggered one of those 30mph warning signs. The device measures maximum speed so now we can independent verification. Lots of oil was sloshed on moving parts and a new bright rear light after a malfunction. I never got around to washing the bikes though!

New and old brake blocks.

New speedometer

We met our old friend Vassili for a lovely long chat about old times and new times. It is a year since we last saw him – he was on the Song of the Whale sailing across the South Atlantic with us. Happy Days.

Replanning took a while. We have decided to lighten our loads. We have discarded the tent, stove, pan, mugs, spare food, sleeping bags, inflatable thermarest, spare clothes, etc. We have decided to travel lightly and stay in hostels and B&B. If we don’t speed up we won’t make our destination in the time available. We are now carrying only one pannier each.

Just look at what we have discarded:

I am sure it will make a big difference. We shall find out tomorrow…..