March 12

Near Cheddar to Bristol 55km

Storm Gareth arrived just as predicted. At 9 o’ clock just as we were packing up our bikes to start cycling the rain started.

The rainfall was torrential at first, water was coursing down the road and it was difficult to open my eyes to see properly against the stinging rain.

We travelled half an hour to Cheddar and took refuge in a lovely cafe. They didn’t seem to mind us dripping onto the floor.

I had planned to cycle over the Mendips but instead took a low level route around the hills along cycle paths.

Just as predicted it stopped raining at 2pm. Thank goodness. Sunshine appeared. Hurrah.

Our hearts were cheered.

I hadn’t taken any pictures in the rain. Even though the rain stopped it left plenty of evidence of its passing

We are going to have a rest day in Bristol, do some maintenance on the bikes and make some adjustments to our plans.