March 14

Bristol to Dorstone 97km

Many thanks to Peter and Jane for their warm hospitality. We set off this morning reinvigorated and renewed.

I bought myself a bright new jacket yesterday. I know yellow attracts insects but I wanted to be more visible to car drivers.

We crossed the Severn Road bridge

The wind was huge. We walked for most of the way across – the gusts were far too strong for cycling.

Into Wales we stopped for lunch at Tintern Abbey.

The woods along the River Wye were yellow with Celandines.

The river was swollen with recent rains

The road along the valley has good views of the river now that there are no leaves on the trees.

Beyond Monmouth we took to the country lanes

I had difficulty finding accommodation along our route for tonight and I completely miscalculated times and distances for today’s journey. We didn’t arrive at our B&B until 9pm.

The shedding of more than half of our baggage was a great success. Cycling was much easier.

It won’t be difficult at all to fall asleep tonight.