March 16

Craven Arms to Shrewsbury 40km

Yesterday evening we took the 28 minute train journey from Craven Arms to Shrewsbury where I live.

This morning the weather forecast had changed and the heavy rain was not now expected until mid afternoon so we took the train back to Craven Arms and cycled to Shrewsbury.

The wind was strong but it was in our favour. I tried to make myself as big as possible so that I got as much help as possible from the following wind. Apart from a few hills it was a really easy ride, blown along by the wind.

The remarkable village hall in Wistanstow

Views across to Wenlock Edge

This part of Shropshire has some wonderful countryside.

The small church in All Stretton

A wonderful avenue of daffodils

In the end the rain started about half an hour from home. That was good enough timing for me. Later in the afternoon this was the view outside

And this was the view inside

Tomorrow is definitely a rest and replanning day.