March 18

Shrewsbury to Frodsham 81km

The landscape in North Shropshire and South Cheshire is wonderfully flat. It a cyclists dream. Today was strange because there was hardly any wind. It was strange because over the last 10 days I have grown accustomed to the buffeting and noise of the wind. Today I could here the birds singing.

There are some interesting houses in this area. I love this brickwork

And these patterns

The hills were the bridges. This one from over the Llangollen canal.

This one from a bridge over a disused railway line

I thought it fantastic. You buy an old station and then lay your own track complete with signals and level crossing gates. I think the owners are definitely railway enthusiasts!

Lots of interesting villages

The River Dee is in flood and roads are closed. Happily not on our route.

Just for a change we had some rain in the afternoon. Oh well, life wouldn’t be the same without it I suppose.

Again the hotel found somewhere for us to store the bikes in a safe and dry place. At every place we have stayed they have gone out of their way to help us. It is a lovely reminder that the world is full of helpful folks.