March 19

Frodsham to Blackburn 65km

We travelled through the conurbation of the North West today. Names of towns from my childhood. Warrington, Leigh, Westhoughton, Bolton, Blackburn, Belmont and on. We travelled on footpaths in a lot of places. There often was not much room on the road.

We crossed the old means of transport. The Bridgewater canal

The Weaver navigation

And the Manchester Ship Canal

We avoided the roads in Leigh by taking the towpath

But we still found the town centre

And a wonderful helping of Apple Pie and mug of tea.

The new means of transport, the Motorways, were also in abundance. Here the M6

We also crossed the M56 (three times), M62, M61 and the M65.

Looking back over Bolton

We passed within half a mile of where we used to live in Bolton.

Leaving Bolton we crossed the moors to Belmont and beyond. We saw a dozen or more fellow cyclists. We couldn’t believe what dark, unnoticeable clothing they were wearing and none of them had any lights. We even saw one guy dressed completely in black. I can only conclude that for these parts, renowned for their grey, damp weather, that today seemed a really bright day to them. It didn’t seem that way to us.

It is good to be back again listening to the Lancashire accents and back in the land of millstone grit.