April 1

Crask Inn to Bettyhill 52km

my guidebook writes….

The miles on this leg provide some of Northern Europe’s most sensational cycling, on a remarkable stretch of road that could have been designed to the exact specifications of the long-distance cycle tourist. The road undulates gently for miles; the surface is extremely good; there is hardly any traffic; the landscape is breathtaking and the area is steeped in history.

The guidebook was accurate. This stage provided another day of great cycling. It was cold when we set off from the Crask Inn. It was two glove and two hat weather.

The road sloped downhill a lot today. We cycled past the village with the lovely sounding name of Altnaharra and along Loch Naver. The countryside has a smoothed look here. Looking back –

Looking forward-

There were a few buildings high in the valley. A typical design for these parts.

This church was unlocked. It had a corrugated iron roof and wooden walls.

It was just a short day for us today. The temperature was 6° and the strong wind was thankfully behind us, pushing us up the hills. Despite the desolate countryside we managed to find a cup of tea along the way.

Our stop for tonight is on the North Coast of the UK. We have a sea view

Snow is forecast for later this week but I think we shall avoid this as we are travelling close to the coast.

Today’s philosophical sign –