May 4 400m ascent

We had a lovely cafe breakfast before we ventured into the empty hills. Today’s overriding colour was brown.

There was a cuckoo that seemed to accompany us as we made our way up the glen and along the lochs.

There was a few bits of rain but it wasn’t of the wet variety. Well, by Scottish standards it was dry rain.

We followed an easy track over the hills and along lochs

Up in the hills and across a river were a couple of buildings. Cars were parked on our side of the water but to reach home the route lay over this bridge.

Imagine coming home after a wild nights party!!

Further along we passed a bothY but didn’t stop there. It was sited in a great spot.

We walked a bit further to this gorgeous campsite.

Trouble is the temperature is low. We wore more clothes in our sleeping bags than we would at home to go shopping. Who cares? We were warm