May 5 370m ascent

Careful plannng is essential to the success of any day in the hills. Careful planning ensured today that we arrived at the Oykel Bridge Hotel in time for lunch. Success!

We walked all day on deserted tracks crossing a road only once where there just happened to be a hotel. It was Bank Holiday Sunday lunchtime. Would there be any space, we wondered. There are few people in this part of the world- And we found only two tables occupied in the bar!

It was a windy morning today.

The mornings walk took us down past this wonderful bothy.

This was the local school house in times gone by. One room for the pupils and one room for the teacher to live in. It was deemed that three miles was the furthest a child should walk to get to school so school houses were built appropriately.

I spotted this splendid stile.

Why can’t all stiles be as comfortable as this one?

We walked along the River Oykel which is one of the best salmon rivers in the country.

Along forest tracks

An interesting collection of bags in the forest.

They were full of trees, 20 in each bag, placed here I suppose to try and shelter them from the frost.

The afternoon was full of rain. We found a good spot to camp near a loch alongside a stream. We were dry and warm in the tent.