To Rusep

Day 58 49km Aug 19

Yet another day of sunshine and quiet, calm water. For the last few days the sun hasn’t seemed as strong and this morning was that little bit colder. Not quite the nip in the air you experience on a late August morning in the UK but still a sign that the seasons are changing.

It was a long paddle today. Seven hours from campsite to campsite. Most of the time I was in the middle of the river trying to pick up what little flow there is. It does make for easier paddling but floating along the banks is much more interesting if slower. Today’s project was to cover the distance and that is what I was concentrating on.

The limestone cliffs seem to be disintegrating here.

I saw more pelicans today. Now I have seen a few I can recognise them more easily. I think I have been mistaking them for swans up till now. When they are sitting on the water they look a bit similar however their flight is very different.

Every day we go paddling and have a day’s adventure that would be rated as five star by English standards

Warm water, warm sunshine, good company, calm water, cold beer at the campsite. It is just magic.

Today’s campsite is on a very shallow beach behind an island. It was so shallow that we had to get out of our kayaks and pull them

Yesterday we passed the most southerly point of the Danube. We now head slightly North to the delta.

We have almost paddled 2,000 km. There is only 500km of the river left. It is a shame we cannot keep doing this for ever…..

Tents under the trees hoping for shade

In the opposite direction –

These panoramic shots do make things look further than they are. But it was a real effort to wheel the kayaks over the soft sand. It took four people for each boat.

Lazy day tomorrow. Yippee.

To Svistov

Day 57 47km Aug 18

The noise from both sides of the river last night was loud and lasted till 4am. I slept through almost all of it. Lucky me.

A lovely Sunday morning paddle today.

The banks of the river are mainly trees and scrub

Sometimes this changes to wonderful sand banks

Flocks of birds love some of these sandbanks

Today I was overflown by a huge flock of pelicans

I know it’s just a pic of birds but it was my first sighting of these big birds. I was excited.

Paddling towards a big town there appeared one solitary cloud in the sky

Tonight’s campsite

We are camped just opposite a big Biofuel complex. It’s not all trees and sandy beaches!

Within 100 metres from here is a huge concrete monument

Annoyingly I cannot find out its origin. It must be from socialist times. The swallows love nesting under that ‘roof’. There must be 50 nests.

Within 500 metres of the campsite is the old Roman Camp of Novae.

I should have spent less time in the restaurant and more time looking round here!

Another fascinating day.